Among the biggest horse races that are conducted in the world -the Grand National is the most famous and prestigious of all the races. It is also a huge platform for the bettors. It is a fact that choosing the winner in the Grand National race event is very tough but is not difficult to achieve.

For some time there have been many alterations as far the race and the track is concerned. But these changes have only increased the security of the riders and their horses. At the same time it has also enhanced the chance for the gamblers to predict with precision as to which horse has the greatest possibility of winning. Free tips that can double one’s chance of earning the bet is by reducing the no of horses to a minimum number and then check on each and every horse that is going to take part in that year’s race.

Some other free tips can be enlisted here, as, one can choose the favourite horse from the colour of the horse or its jockey.  Select a horse that can go a long distance, check the details of the past performances, whether it has chased similar distance as we have in the Grand National or not. Is the horse capable for running more than three miles or not?

Few more free tips can help a bettor to choose his horse wisely. These free tips must be kept in mind whenever one places a bet on a horse. Firstly, if the horse has lugged for about 11-05 then it is fit; secondly choose heavy weighted horses; thirdly horses that has been bred in U.K and Ireland are most likely the winners, so don’t choose horses that has been trained elsewhere.

In the Grand National the winners are the ones who are the most experienced of the lot. So while choosing the horse select according to its age. Best choice is the horses aged either nine or ten. Don’t select horses that have not completed the race. That is that might have fallen down before reaching the finishing line.