5 card stud poker is the oldest game in the family of Poker. It was very popular long time ago and still played widely. Poker is a game which has so many games in its family. One of its types is Stud Poker. And under this one, there are further many varieties of games like spread limit, pot limit, fixed limit, no limit and many more combinations out of these. It’s a myth that 5 stud poker is the easiest poker game. To achieve success, deep knowledge of betting, card combinations and positions is must. Players, who win, do not stuck to only one combination but try different and mixed card combinations and strategies.

This game was originated in late 1820s. Earlier it was played with a thump of 20 cards in which the players were supposed to bet on hands’ value. Four players were used to be in the game with a 20 card pack as it was the earliest form of Poker. Then bets were made on the very simple and easy combinations like one pair, two pairs, and triplets and so on. After that the game expands to a hit of 52 cards and introduced flush. This was done to allow more players to play this game. And it gives birth to five card stud poker.

Then the game started gaining popularity and the gamblers felt the need to change the rules of the game. It is done so as to enhance the chances of profit making. Techniques of bluffing and wild cards were added to the traditional game in 1850s.

As everyone knows that Texas Hold’em is the archetype of poker games. 5 card stud poker is still holding its own place and is widely played in cash plays and tournaments. This game is not the foremost game but still it is accepted by many players in traditional and cash plays. Casinos which offer this game only attract many customers today also.

Here begins the game.  Every player starts with a deal of two cards, one card with face down and other with face up. In first round of game, the player who has lowest visible card antes up following the betting round. Then in the second round of bets, another card with face up is dealt. Then the player who has highest face-up cards takes first turn. Similarly, other betting rounds go on. At the end of the game, the player with highest scoring wins and the cards are shown at the end to calculate the winning player. Check out the tips to play stud poker.

Try and bet for dual draws rather than odds as dual ones give you more opportunity of higher scoring with the tact of bluffing. When you start with the game, it happens that you will not find a player betting towards high cards, pair cards etc. Now after that, it’s your duty to pay attention to the cards which your opponents are holding. And you have to take a deep look on the pot when you don’t draw an ace. The traditional environment of the game provides you a chance to bluff when your hand is powerful.